I am a 34-year-old male who tries to maintain a healthy lifestyle, (pizza and Nandos the exception!) I’ve been attending Hands On for about a year. Prior to treatment, I was at a stage where I struggled to lift my arm due to constant shoulder pain. Ali was quick to identify where the problem was, and helped treat and maintain it.
She has been amazing in that I can now often complete a full session with no pain (other than that inflicted by the personal trainers). Prior to seeing Alison, I was simply told that I’ve just strained a muscle, not much you can do etc., but through Alison’s experience, I’ve been able to maintain constant PT attendance.
My shoulder has felt and continues to feel the greatest it has for a while. Ali helped by suggesting some home stretches which has helped alleviate a lot of the constant pain I was previously experiencing too.
Would I recommend to others? Absolutely yes! I can’t recommend Alison enough! 11/10!
Very professional and friendly. Some people are naturally gifted at their profession- Alison is one of those.
Peter, Wheelers Hill

I am a 53-year-old full time worker who started going to Hands on Myotherapy because of pain in the soles of my feet. I could only walk very short distances, definitely with shoes on and standing still was virtually impossible. I hobbled every time I got out of bed in the morning and shopping with my 20 something shopaholic daughter was a nightmare. The doctors had given me painful steroid injections but nothing helped. That was 2 years ago and thanks to Alison’s hard work, I can now (much to the detriment of my wallet), enjoy the shopping trips with my daughter and wander around the house in bare feet. Sounds simple I know but for me this was life changing. Alison’s focus is on getting you well so she will do whatever she needs to to help. She will not ask you to return for unnecessary treatments and she will recommend other options if she feels they will help you more. She runs on time so you are not waiting around for ages to see her and Meagan and Jan are friendly and efficient and up for a chat and a joke. I can’t recommend Hands on Myotherapy highly enough.

I am an active 50+ female and have been seeing Alison for years with any muscular problems or just for a good massage. She has great hands and a lovely nature and personality and I would recommend (an actually have many times ) her highly.

I am an active female, 41, who regularly runs, cycles and does weights. I have 2 children and 2 boisterous dogs who are always keeping me on my toes as well – so finding good physical therapy is a must for me!
I’ve found in the last 3 + years that Ali has been able to effectively treat my various back and neck issues as they occur. Whether it’s been a wry neck or tight lower back or calves, she has been great at being as specific as I need to keep me fluid and flexible. Sometimes it’s purely for relaxation and a catch up! I’ve been with HOM for 3+ years now and I always highly recommend them to all my friends and family!
I have known Daleen Van Der Merwe for over 3 years.
She thoroughly accesses my needs and applies the correct therapy.
Her treatment keeps me feeling energetic and gives me confidence in my body.
She is a dedicated professional, determined to ease the suffering and increase the quality of her patients’ lives.
It is worth the drive to benefit from her experience.

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